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Fic: Girl Talk (Farscape: Chiana/Aeryn) 
3rd-Jul-2007 08:19 pm
Title: Girl Talk
Author: Chelseagirl47
Fandom: Farscape
Pairing: Chiana/Aeryn
Written for: trascendenza
Prompt: . . . I'd just really like some smut. Some Aeryn not pining over John would be great too.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: So, this was my first femslash, but too good a pairing to resist. Hope you enjoy!

Aeryn sighed, ran her hand across her forehead, and looked again at the wiring she was working on. “Moya,” she said, “any chance you can tell me where it hurts?” More importantly, when had she become a combination of mechanic and surgeon? She was a soldier, nothing more and nothing less.

At least today couldn’t get any worse.

“Hey, Aeryn!”


She turned to see Chiana’s slim, swaying figure making her way down the corridor.

“I’m bored. Anything I can do to help?”

“Other than stay out of the way and let me do my work, nothing that I can think of.” Aeryn looked as severe as she could manage, which was actually rather effective. (Secretly, she practiced her severe look in front of the mirror, in case Crichton needed putting in his place, which, too often, he did.)

But the irrepressible grey girl was unaffected by it.

“Can we talk, at least?”

Aeryn looked up at the wiring again, made an adjustment and soldered a lead in place.

Chiana was still there.

“I mean, Zhaan is just so . . . good and serene and all. Sometimes I just miss girl talk.”

Aeryn sighed, and sat down on top of the stepladder she’d been balancing on. “All right, Chiana. What did you want to . . . talk about? Remember, where I grew up girl talk mostly involved weapons and military tactics and things like that.”

“Like . . . hair and clothes and stuff. I mean, how many different looks can you get out of black leather?”

“As many as I need,” Aeryn said, just a tad smugly. “Black leather suits nearly everyone – you, me, Crichton.”

“Not so much Scorpius, though,” Chiana giggled.

Aeryn shuddered. “The exception that proves the rule. All right, well, that’s clothes. What else does girl talk consist of, outside of the Peacekeepers?”

“Umm, hair . . .”

“I’ve got hair, you’ve got hair . . . what more is there to say about it?”

“Well, for example, you’re very practical and all, but you wear your hair long. You might cut it short, but you don’t. Because you know how beautiful it looks.”

Aeryn found herself blushing a little. She was used to dismissing compliments, mostly from men, but somehow it was touching that Chiana, who seemed so confident in her own attractiveness, would have observed her so favorably.

Chiana reached up, and loosened Aeryn’s hair. She smiled, approvingly, at the way the long, dark hair looked around Aeryn’s face and shoulders. “So pretty. You should wear it that way more often, and Crichton would . . .”

“Is that the other element of girl talk? Boys? Because if so, could we skip that bit?”

Their eyes met, Chiana’s lit with their usual mischief, and Aeryn’s gaze much softer than her usual slight disapproval of the Nebari. “Well, boys have their uses, but . . . sometimes it’s much more fun to do without them.” Chiana reached out her hand to stroke Aeryn’s hair.

Aeryn found herself enjoying the soft touch. Her mind began to wander as she experienced the sheer pleasure of it, to wander away to a more difficult but yet simpler time, when she was on the command carrier, when some of her lovers were men, and some her female crewmates. Men never seemed to . . . She wondered if Chiana, who’d seemingly sleep with any male that came along, confined her attentions only to men.

She leaned forward, and kissed the grey girl on her lips.

“Mmm,” said Chiana. “Nice. I was hoping you’d do that.”

They kissed again, a long, slow kiss that both seemed to melt into. Aeryn felt Chiana’s slender form leaning against her, and found herself extremely excited. The kisses grew deeper, open-mouthed, and Chi’s hands kept stroking her hair.

She pulled back for a moment, and then kissed the Nebari on the side of her face, soft, gentle kisses down her neck. Meanwhile, she began to fondle Chiana’s breasts, through the leather of her bodice.

“Let me help you with that,” said Chiana, who undid her top far more rapidly than it had looked possible. Her breasts were small and round, the dark grey nipples neat at the end. Aeryn stroked them, gently cupping them, and then leaning in to kiss and nibble at them.

“My turn.” Chiana slid the leather vest off Aeryn’s shoulders, then slid the straps of her black tank top down. “Oooh, beautiful,” she said, looking at Aeryn’s fuller breasts. She mirrored what Aeryn had done, almost identically.

They continued to kiss and stroke, while their clothing made a pile on the corridor floor. Aeryn guided Chiana against one of the walls, leaning into her while stroking her all over. Finally, her fingers found Chi’s clitoris and its sheathing (all darkish grey as well), and stroked insistently. Chiana began to gyrate along with the stroking, her breathing getting harder and shorter. Finally she could hold back no longer and, with a cry, came, shuddering and moaning.

“Your turn,” Chiana said after she’d taken a moment to recover. She slid her hands down Aeryn’s toned and graceful body, towards her center, then slid to her knees and began licking. Soon, all too soon, Aeryn was moaning in ecstasy. There was no doubt – Chiana was gifted with her tongue. Oh, please make it last a little longer, just a little bit longer.

“Aeryn?” Pilot’s voice, from whatever mysterious equivalent of a communication system Moya’s nervous system contained.

“Er, yes?”

“The crew is assembling on the deck. Apparently John has an announcement.”

“I’ll be there just as soon as I can, Pilot.”

“Very good. And if you see Chiana along the way . . .”

“I’ll bring her along. Aeryn out.”

Chiana grinned. “You certainly . . . brought me along. But you didn’t . . .”

“No,” said Aeryn. “But duty calls. Next time?”

“Next time?” asked Chiana with a wicked grin.

“I find this girl talk of yours is quite enjoyable,” Aeryn said, with a wink. “We ought to make time for it more often.”
4th-Jul-2007 01:12 am (UTC)

I'll...I'll be in my bunk.

::fans self:: wowsa!
4th-Jul-2007 02:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I'm glad; I was a bit nervous seeing as it was my, uh, first time and all.

The thing about Farscape is that it's full of so many pretty people who need to be having much more sex; I couldn't post with a Farscape icon though since my only one is Aeryn/John. ;-) (Although he'd probably be in his bunk, too, at the thought of Aeryn and Chi!)
4th-Jul-2007 02:47 am (UTC)
Yay femslash! Brava you!

Aeryn sighed, ran her forehead across her forehead, is that a metaphor or something? ;)

Chiana... grey all over. HM. Nice touch. I like how they each SOUND so right - I could very much imagine their conversation, you nailed their voices.
4th-Jul-2007 02:11 pm (UTC)
No, and thanks for pointing out the typo, which I will now go and fix. *blush* (I do usually get my stories beta'ed but I'd missed the posting deadline on this . . . )

Thanks -- I wasn't sure how this was going to go, but once they started talking, it was . . . them. :-)
4th-Jul-2007 06:42 am (UTC)
First but commendably good. You caught the voices clearly, and you didn't overdo anything. It also felt physically possible, which several NC-17 authors seem to ignore.
4th-Jul-2007 02:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I didn't want to get overambitious with the encounter, just make it plausible and in-character; I'm so glad if I succeeded. :-)

4th-Jul-2007 02:58 pm (UTC)
2 thumbs up!
5th-Jul-2007 12:39 pm (UTC)
4th-Jul-2007 10:23 pm (UTC)

Um, okay, it's hard to formulate a proper review for this because I'm too busy getting out my pom-poms and cheering for you, but YAY! Chiana and Aeryn and hotness and GREY NIPPLES OMG! That is potentially one of the hottest fanon details I have ever read in my life. And their girl talk was adorable. :D Honestly, what isn't great about this fic? I hope to see you write lots more femmeslash. And, if you're so inspired, more of this pairing ;)
5th-Jul-2007 12:41 pm (UTC)
*blush* Thanks!

I'm better with deadlines, so if you request next round, maybe I'll just manage to snag the assignment again. ;-)

5th-Jul-2007 06:53 pm (UTC)
Oh, that would be fabulous! *sharpens up her requesting pencil* :D

And again, thank you so much for writing this request for me. :) *heaps love on you*
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