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innumerable hues
multifandom femslash prompt challenges
[round 1] Rules & Schedule 
16th-May-2007 08:55 am
goth girls kissing
Round 1 Schedule
Prompts: From May 16th - May 28th
Claims: From May 29th - June 2nd
Completed Claims: Due July 2nd. (May be posted any time beforehand.)

Anyone, whether they intend to claim a prompt or not, can post up to four femslash requests from any fandom in the Round 1 Prompt Post when prompts open, on the 16th of May. Please vary your pairing requests, so that you're not requesting four works of the same pairing, though.

Please don't specify fic or art (or etc.). Any creative medium is acceptable when claiming a prompt, including any form of fanart (banners, icons), vids or fanmixes (though I do not take responsibility should the copyright police come for your firstborn), and wallpapers. (In other words, the more variety of femslash out there, the happier I am.)


Your four prompts can be anything that would inspire someone else's creative vision. It can be simply a word or two, a quote, a lyric, a picture (links only; do not post pics in the comments in deference to people on dial-up), or a plot summary.

I've included a selection of sample prompts with different types of inspiration for creativity.

Prompt Format
LJ username:

Sample Prompts:
LJ username: havocthecat
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Darla/Drusilla
Inspiration: The story of Carmilla, by Sheridan Le Fanu, as told with Darla and Dru.

LJ username: havocthecat
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir
Inspiration: Kate and Elizabeth must go offworld to negotiate with aliens that have highly-advanced cognitive technology. Along the way, things go wrong. In the middle of all that, they realize their attraction is mutual.

LJ username: havocthecat
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Tara/Willow
Inspiration: For a maid again I can never be,
Till the red rose blooms on the willow tree.
--The Girl's Lamentation, by William Allingham

LJ username: havocthecat
Fandom: Fables
Pairing: Rose Red/Goldiloks
Inspiration: revolution, sacrifices

LJ username: havocthecat
Fandom: Kindred: the Embraced
Pairing: Lillie/Sasha
Inspiration: If she can't have Julian, well, Sasha's close enough, now, isn't she?

LJ username: havocthecat
Fandom: Arthurian Mythology
Pairing: Morgan Le Fay/Nimue
Inspiration: This picture.

That sounds like some sick, twisted sort of bdsm comm ritual. Which, you know. Could be fun.

*ahem* So, anyway, without regard for my twisted mind, how does one claim a prompt? When the claim section is announced, I'll put up a claim post for this round that gathers all the prompts in one place. Comment there to claim a prompt. I will reply, confirming that you've gotten your claim in.

Prompts may be claimed by one person only, unless multiple people want to collaborate on a prompt. If you want to collaborate on a prompt with a friend, please have one person comment and let me know the names of all collaborators. That saves much trouble and helps me keep organized.

If you claim a prompt for this round, (Round 1), but don't fulfill that claim, you will not be allowed to participate in the next round (in this case, Round 2). You will have to wait until the round after to participate again (in this case, Round 3). Please don't claim more prompts than you can handle.

Completed Prompts & Posting

Any fic written for a prompt should be a minimum of 500 words. There's no limit on art. (Because how would we manage that?)

Please post your completed fic directly to the comm. Do not post in your personal journal with a link from the comm. This helps us make everything easier for very nice, very generous archiving types.

Feel free to write RPS and incest and all kinds of things generally considered squicky. Except underage sex. Please no. We shall not be dealing with the underage in combination with anything sexual.

All works should be complete before they are posted. No works in progress.

Please include the following headers with your completed works:
Author (or Artist):
Written For:
Author's Notes:

Completed works should be posted behind a cut. If you need instructions on how to cut-tag something, the LJ FAQ is here.

General Rules & Info

Let's err on the side of caution, and say you need to be a legal adult in your country in order to participate. Caution is our friend.

Every few challenges will be a themed prompting round. I'll ask for prompts based on themes, such as lines of poetry, book titles, or more general themes, like "alternate universes," "romance, " or "weather."

All unfulfilled prompts, both general and themed, will roll over to the next general prompting round. There is one exception. During a themed prompt round, unfulfilled prompts will not roll over, so that we can focus on the themes for that prompt only.

Any and all flaming and trolling will cause my modly wraith to come down upon you.

Many, many thanks to thenewhope, carmarthen, and ariestess for encouragement, suggestions, and general awesomeness. Challenge format was derived from the Fragments of Sappho challenge and the slashfest comm. The banner for this comm was made by medie, who volunteered because she's cool like that.

All questions may be posted here (comments are screened), or you can e-mail me at havocthecat[at]gmail[dot]com.
29th-May-2007 02:48 pm (UTC)
Hey you! Quick question, I've read everything but can't see it anywhere - is there a limit to the number of prompts one can claim?
29th-May-2007 10:53 pm (UTC)
Doh. No limit!
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